2018 Hot Products Thank & Grow Rich by Grout Pam 48Sg9kQ4

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Product Description:

Ever wonder why your thoughts easily create up-front parking spaces but don't always produce the fat wad of cash or the hot guy? Could it be you're on a different frequency? Could it be there's static in your consciousness? Abundance love and peace are always available for the taking but you have to get on the right frequency. And despite what you may have heard it's not thinking that calls in miracles - it's thanking. When you're on the frequency of gratitude and joy the universe is free to line things up work things out pull rabbits out of hats. When we observe the world from a place of gratitude when we use our attention to spot beauty to focus on possibility we radically change our day-to-day experience. But why take someone else's word for it? The 30-day experiment in this book invites you to prove it to yourself. You'll also learn that abundance goes way beyond financial capital. An 'earnings' worksheet is provided to track your Thank & Grow Rich portfolio which includes social creative adventure alchemic and spiritual capital and comes with four personalized gifts straight from the always accommodating universe. Upgrade your life from ho-hum to Wahoo

in this exploration of energy frequency and universal magic.