Godt salg Rebel (Paperback) by Tintera Amy 4QAFcRw8

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Product Description:

Wren and Callum finally reach the Reboot Reservation a safe haven from HARC which controls the cities. But it isn't the paradise they'd hoped for. As they learn more about Micah the bloodthirsty Rebook who runs it they discover that he's been creating an army with one goal in mind: to kill all the humans in the cities. Wren's first instinct is to head out for new territory but Callum can't stand by and let his human family and everyone else be hunted down. With HARC on one side and Micah on the other saving the innocent and forging a lasting peace between humans and Reboots is nearly an impossible task. But Wren and Callum have never let that stop them before.