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Ruby Io Prolog Scala Erlang Clojure Haskell. With Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce A. Tate you'll go beyond the syntax-and beyond the 20-minute tutorial you'll find someplace online. This book has an audacious goal: to present a meaningful exploration of seven languages within a single book. Rather than serve as a complete reference or installation guide Seven Languages hits what's essential and unique about each language. Moreover this approach will help teach you how to grok new languages. For each language you'll solve a nontrivial problem using techniques that show off the language's most important features. As the book proceeds you'll discover the strengths and weaknesses of the languages while dissecting the process of learning languages quickly--for example finding the typing and programming models decision structures and how you interact with them. Among this group of seven you'll explore the most critical programming models of our time. Learn the dynamic typing that makes Ruby Python and Perl so flexible and compelling. Understand the underlying prototype system that's at the heart of JavaScript. See how pattern matching in Prolog shaped the development of Scala and Erlang. Discover how pure functional programming in Haskell is different from the Lisp family of languages including Clojure. Explore the concurrency techniques that are quickly becoming the backbone of a new generation of Internet applications. Find out how to use Erlang's let-it-crash philosophy for building fault-tolerant systems. Understand the actor model that drives concurrency design in Io and Scala. Learn how Clojure uses versioning to solve some of the most difficult concurrency problems. It's all here all in one place. Use the concepts from one language to find creative solutions in another-or discover a language that may become one of your favorites.