Online shopping China's Silent Army: The Pioneers Traders Fixers and Workers Who Are Remaking the World in Beijing's Image (Paperback) by Cardenal Juan Pablo Araujo Heriberto Xw2Gge5Y

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This is the disturbing and revealing book that reveals the true extent of China's global power from China-based investigative journalists Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araujo. How rapidly is China spreading its influence around the world? In China's Silent Army two Beijing-based journalists have travelled the globe to meet the many ordinary Chinese people who through hard work ingenuity or ruthlessness often in terrible conditions are remaking the developing world. From oil workers in Kazakhstan to cheap clothing sellers in Egypt mineral miners in Congo to farmers in Sudan they find that China's 'silent army' is redirecting resources and reordering world power on an enormous scale. Here we discover what the political ecological and economic fallout will be. Reviews: 'Powerful ...brilliant...The book cuts to the political core'. (Michael Sheridan Sunday Times). 'Lively and humane...China's Silent Army offers essential information for all who wish to learn how the global reach of China Inc is transforming the lives of everyone on this planet'. (Frank Dikotter Literary Review). 'Excellent macro-economic insights ...but ultimately the human stories are what make it so compelling. ..China's Silent Army ought to be required reading for all EU bureaucrats'. (Prospect). 'Engaging and sympathetic...Fascinating and vivid'. (Spectator). 'Cardenal and Araujo's research is prodigious and the facts they unearth startling. In their investigation into Chinese business habits they visited 25 countries from Siberia to South America via South-East Asia Africa and the Middle East ...the Chinese should reflect on the questions the book raises. To put it mildly there appears to be a case to answer'. (George Walden Evening Standard).