Perfekt Legalising Drugs: Debates and Dilemmas (Paperback) by Bean Philip oUVNtRYi

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Government policy has steadfastly been set against drug legalisation but increasingly critics have argued that the present policy is unsustainable. 'Legalising drugs: Debates and dilemmas' is a timely and much-needed examination of some of the issues surrounding this matter. Numerous suggestions have been offered. Some seek complete legalisation such as the right to use recreational drugs without government interference others offer a more modified form yet still others want an increasing commitment to harm reduction policies. Philip Bean examines these proposals especially when set against claims they will reduce crime. He does so in terms of their implications for individual users especially juveniles and for society in general. He concludes with the necessary questions a rational drug policy must answer. The book will be an essential reading for students and academics in criminology sociology and social policy as well as policy makers practitioners and the general public.