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As globalisation gains momentum international migration continues to divide opinion and polarise policy makers politicians and advocates. This polarisation has been reflected in research and publications with pro-globalisation being pitched against anti-globalisation on the one hand and an explosion of research on migration on the other. This book examines the interaction between the two and their impact on health for the first time highlighting the myths and realities from an international multi-disciplinary perspective.The book starts with an examination of the complex and multifaceted aspects of the globalisation phenomenon and its impact on population displacement and health and concludes with a regional level analysis supported by country-specific examples. By highlighting common issues and differences across the globe this book shows policy makers political leaders and international committees on migration the specificities of global migration and good practice across the world. Particular attention is paid to practical policy responses and governance as well as legal frameworks to manage the dynamics of migration engage international institutions and to maximise the benefits that internal and international migration bring.