kvalitet og kvantitet Devil's Peak (Benny Griessel) (Paperback) by Meyer Deon MY4uUt3B

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The former freedom fighter known as 'Tiny' has finally achieved his dream of a peaceful life. But then his beloved son is taken away from him. In that moment he unleashes himself upon a corrupt South Africa. His victims are those guilty of crimes against children. He goes by the name of Artemis. Benny Griessel a fading policeman on the brink of losing his job family and self-respect is assigned the case. Benny knows that this is his last chance - both his career and the safety of Cape Town are on the line. But then Benny meets Christine a young mother working as a prostitute and something happens that is so terrifying that the world will never be the same again for Benny for Christine or for Tiny.