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The elite warriors of the Hereford-based SAS know all about pain and the enduring of it. Syd Spicer ex-SAS trooper has found himself back in the Regiment - this time as its chaplain responsible for the spiritual welfare of the hardest men in or out of uniform. Faced with a case which would normally be passed discreetly to Hereford diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins Spicer is forced for security reasons to try and handle it himself...and is coming close to a breakdown. Meanwhile the scattered communities along the Welsh border have their own crisis. With recession biting deep urban crime has spilled into the countryside and old barbaric evils are revived. When a wealthy landowner is hacked to death in his own farmyard the senior investigating officer DI Frannie Bliss is caught in the backlash his private life in danger of exposure. With the framework of her own world beginning to crack Merrily is persuaded to venture into areas where neither a priest nor a woman is welcome...to unearth secrets linked with the border's pagan past. Secrets which she knows can never be disclosed.