prestige The Frankenstein Journals: Feet First (Paperback) by Sonneborn Scott Banks Timothy FrUVXFSL

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Product Description:

Fourteen-year-old J.D. discovers Dr Frankenstein's Journals - and that he is the son of Frankenstein's monster

J.D. always wanted a big family. Well he's got it

- all the people who made up his dad and their living descendants. Readers will rush headlong through J.D.'s quest in a flurry of mixed media images maps charts and diary entries as he unlocks clues in the mad scientist's journals. When he discovers his dad's feet came from a famous explorer whose grandson is trekking through the wastelands of Antarctica J.D. sets out to track him down. But he's not alone. Soon he's in a race against time with a mysterious villain who schemes to collect J.D.'s cousins and use them to build a new monster